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Our company started its activities in 1988 with the initiatives of our founder Ekrem SOYLU to trade fresh fruits and vegetables. The company has successfully used its knowledge, experience and vision to this day and continues to grow by completing its institutionalization. Our company is now expanding its vision with its second generation managers, In the light of years of experience gained in the local market in the fruit and vegetable sector, it has started to export fresh fruits and vegetables by supplying healthy and quality products.
Sehzade Dis Ticaret ve Lojistik continues its successful journey, which started about 10 years ago in Mersin, with the investments it has made over the years, and has become one of the important organizations in the sector with its storage volume, potential and dynamism. Our company, which has adopted the principle of continuous growth and development, opened its quarry facility in Mersin in 2011 and undertook the works of many national and international brands. Today, it is the rising value of our country with its ability to add value to the investments it has made in its commercial journey of nearly ten years.
Our company was established in 1986 in Fidyekizik Village of Bursa as a candied chestnut production company. After R&D works, the market share was increased by presenting long life pasteurized products (shelf life of 1 year). Having the goal of being natural and producing natural foodstuffs our company took firm steps towards with sugarless 100% fruit, pure jams and other jams. Under "Kestat" brand we present 75 kinds of jams (tomato, eggplant, gum mastic, blackberry, bergamot, bitter orange etc.) Furthermore frozen aspberries, frozen blueberries, frozen blueberries, frozen chestnuts, raisins, dried figs and dried apricots are among the products. Wishing to gain the confidence of the idea of creating a permanent and long-term cooperation with you..
Our partnership, which was established in 1984 to engage in the construction materials trade, after serving for many years in this field, decided to invest in the OOH (Out-of-Home Consumption) sector and to operate in this field as of the beginning of the year 2007. Presently the company gives regular service to Kayseri, Sivas, Tokat, Nigde, Nevsehir, Kirsehir, Yozgat regions with 18000 m3 -18 cold storage, 50 marketing, shipping, transportation and loading-unloading vehicles on an area of ​​7000 m2, 5000 m2 of which is closed in Organized Industrial Zone. It serves. Mete Gida continues its activities in 3 main branches. These are Out-of-Home Consumption, -18, + 4 Cold Storage and Logistics Services.
Our company, Pruva Tarim has been specialized in Canned, Fresh and frozen fruit production and export. It was founded in 2011 as a trade company in Izmir and have begun the production on Manisa facility on 2014.
TYANA GIDA A.S.We are fresh fruits and dried fruits producer-supplier company that acquire sustainability and quality as a vision of our business. With high standards, we are playing a role as a bridge between high quality foods and conscious consumer. With integrating advanced technologies in packaging, exporting and food safety, we are spreading sustainable quality all over the world.
Bio Naturel Agricultural Products Tourism Dan.San ve Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Sti., Continues to grow rapidly under the management of our founding agricultural engineers who have been working in this sector for more than 15 years. Across Turkey from contracted farmers using from its own resources and organic projects provides a wide range of organic and conventional products.Bio Naturel Ltd. Sti. has been established with the aim of providing better quality and more reliable products from the fields and natural growing areas to your tables, More than 700 hectares of cultivation area located in various regions of Turkey and products of from more than 200 farmers being gathered, processing and packaging in accordance with the rules of organic production in accordance with the rules of organic production in its own factory. Bio Naturel Ltd. Sti. In order to provide the fastest service, it ensures that the products to be frozen are collected from the land, organic agriculture is inspected and processed in subcontractors that comply with hygiene rules and exports from the nearest port. In order to offer the highest quality and most reliable products from farm to table, Bio Naturel Ltd. decided to expand the inspection chain. Ltd. Sti., Together with the accredited supervisory bodies can inspect the seed of the products it offers to the tables, the soil on which it is planted, the water used and the farmers who plant and harvest it. In addition to the processing of its own products, as a subcontractor; * Packaging of dried products (dried apricots, dried figs, prunes, dried mulberries, dried cherries, dates, dried tomatoes etc.) with 5x5mm, 8x8mm, 10x10mm cutting types, * Packaged in the range of 20gr to 1000gr (pulses, spices, flour types, bakery products, dried fruits, etc.) with sitting package, pillow package, quadro package types, * Olive oil, vinegar, fruit juice, fruit juice concentrate and so on. filling of liquid food products, * Dry and wet fruit / vegetable stretch coating on foam plates, * Thermoform packaging machine to pack the products in the hungry amount, * Shrink packaging, * Cellophane packaging, * Washing line, * Sorting tape, * With its metal detector control equipment, it assists customers and business partners in contract processing demands. The quality product starts with input control. Our company attaches great importance to quality and customer satisfaction. For this purpose, continuous improvement and improvement works are carried out in our quality control systems. All the necessary tests and controls on our final products are carried out by our own and internationally accredited laboratories at every stage of the production process. Our quality control system is activated from the growing stage of the product; customer satisfaction and quality product is an indicator of the importance we attach to understanding. Our mission; Organic agriculture is economically, ecologically and socially sustainable with good agricultural practices and healthy production; to operate in the domestic and international markets as a strong and stable company with high efficiency and competitiveness with the contribution of agriculture and agriculture based industry. Our vision; To become a company which is shown as an example in the sector by becoming a permanent and high quality brand. In order to provide more benefits in the field of organic agriculture, to follow the practices of organic agriculture, to apply and apply what we have learned, to research organic fertilizers and pests to support research and development activities. To produce and sell the products of our farmers and farmers to domestic and foreign markets with all kinds of products. To be an exemplary company with our social responsibility project as well as commercial development. Bio Naturel Ltd. Ltd. Sti.'s target; to carry out long-term work without compromising honesty and mutual trust by improving its existing facilities with each passing day, to increase the product range continuously and to meet the demands of customers to develop quality products. Bio Naturel Ltd. Sti. in line with these targets, it is moving from the past to the future. Regards.
Our company, which was established in Izmir in 2019, serves with the export of food, fresh and dried fruit. The processing and packaging of the products sent for export are carried out in contracted facilities in accordance with European quality standards.
Ozturk Narenciye was founded in 2017. Ozturk Narenciye, concentrating on fruit and vegetable exports to Russian Federation and Belarus in the first year following establishment, gave importance.
Sanpa Gida San ve Tic AS have been serving primarily to HORECA market since 2000 with manufacturing facility in Afyonkarahisar that has an annual capacity of 25 thousand tons in frozen french fries and croquettes. The same facility is able to process frozen vegetables and fruits. Sanpa Gida San ve Tic AS is also manufacturing annually 500 thousand packs of traditional flavours in frozen conditions such as; lahmacun, pizza, katmer, pastries in its facility that is located in Gaziantep, which is recognized by UNESCO as a Creative City of Gastronomy.
Vizyon Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. was established in 2001. Our company is a supplier of all types of food and cleaning products. Vizyon Food supply quality and suitable price of products with their experince which is leading of food and cleaning products sectors. Our goal is to present the most effective and quality products and services to the customers. Our target is to work to reach our vision by demading utmost performance from our staff and suppliers to have a perfect sales network of quality products.
Our company has become the ADDRESS OF TASTE with high quality products, hygienic production and high quality service..